Are you crippled by anxiety? Plagued by panic?


Chronic worry has the capacity to cripple, strangle, and poison the heart and mind—even those bent toward a deeper relationship with Christ. Such was the case for Samantha Arroyo, who openly reflects on her debilitating, often paralyzing, struggle with severe anxiety. In an effort to find freedom from her prison of fear, Samantha began a journey through the Word of God that would help unlock the chains that had held her mind hostage for so long.  In this thirty-day devotional, she walks readers through their own anxious valleys, gently reminding them that, despite what they may believe, they are not beyond repair; they are merely fragile souls in the hands of a mighty and awesome Caretaker. Each daily reading builds upon the previous and grows more challenging, urging readers to identify their giants and engage in a spiritual battle against the enemy’s lies, ultimately spurring the reader to make greater strides toward freedom—and healing.

Fragile: 30 Days of Hope for the Anxious Heart
Hitting bookshelves nationwide September 1, 2015 

Photography provided by  Kyle Reilly

Photography provided by Kyle Reilly

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