International Christian Retailers Show a Huge Success

On June 29, I had the privilege of giving away 100 signed copies of my book to Christian retailers nationwide. Actually, I should say "worldwide" as one sweet woman I met during the signing was all the way from (I think it was) Nigeria! 

The International Christian Retail Show was held in Orlando this year and was a huge success. My mom and I attended, once again, as retailers for our online store God's Girls: Christian Store and More, and during that time, I was able to put Fragile in the hands of several men, women and teens. It was a dream come true and a total God-thing!

You see, years ago, I attended the show and dreamed of one day attending as an author. Little did I know that a handful of years later, I would be! Not to mention the fact that in the midst of signing, Lee Greenwood sat beside me to give away a couple copies of his book. THE Lee Greenwood!

Got a chance to sign copies of my book alongside Lee Greenwood!

You know him: He sings the famous song, "God Bless the U.S.A." He recently wrote a children's book and was quickly scribbling away on the interior covers of his beautifully illustrated book as I began signing. Though he only stayed for a few minutes, it was such a treat!

My husband was able to tag along with me to the show (yay!) and both he and my mom bathed me in prayer before the signing. I needed it! It's just like the enemy to try to snatch that positive moment right out from underneath you. My nerves were a wreck, but as soon as I sat down, Jesus did His thing.

All this to say: thank you! Thank you, retailers, for your support and for being so willing to read and give away my book to your customers. I pray my scattering of words is a blessing to you or whomever you choose to give it to.