Fragile is a beautiful and carefully crafted book. The author is gentle with her readers. She is vulnerable. Each day’s journey is an encouragement to take a baby step towards healing. I love her use of Bible stories and verses each day. I love how understanding she is that crippling anxiety can’t be solved with the snap of a finger. She is realistic in her approach, honest that her book alone is not enough, and her heart is for her reader. I bought an advance copy and, after finishing it, went out and bought five more to give to people who I know struggle with this. The title is perfect. Samantha Arroyo, through her own testimony, truly offers hope for the anxious. Perhaps the best book I have ever read on this subject.
— Sharon Gamble, USA National Director at Moms in Prayer International
Fragile is a motivational and encouraging must-read for anyone who’s feeling the the burdens and weight that life can bring. Arroyo shares her pain and struggles and brings you through her journey of how she has overcome anxiety. Reading this helped me to know I’m not alone. I’m so grateful to have found this.
— Kayla
All I can say is WOW! I will even use it as an ongoing reference in my library for message prep & counseling tools. This is incredible! OUTSTANDING!
— Pastor Todd Spain, Crossroads Church
. . . in a decade plus of books I’m not sure I’ve edited one so well written. I loved your book!

Larry really knew what he was doing getting you on his publishing list. You’ll be a great addition to his already top level list of books.
— Tammy Kling, Best-selling Author, Ghostwriter and Content Editor for Fragile
. . . there was a lot in your message I needed to hear! Bless you for sharing your compassion and hard-won insights. Fragile will touch a lot of lives!
— Gail Fallen, Business Ink, Media and Public Relations
. . . the CONFIDENCE in which you are writing absolutely hammers home the necessity of having God in your life for true healing, strength and the ability to live out the life He truly desires for you. This is so necessary!
— Pastor Eric Craven, Crossroads Church
What a beautifully written testimony covered in scripture. This devotional has hit close to home as I struggle with anxious thoughts in my upcoming new job. As I spend time with the Lord in the mornings, I follow Samantha’s suggested challenge to drink camomile tea (brought home from the grocery store by my husband!) And it helps! Samantha has a genuine heart for God and has a desire to know his scriptures to the core. This is evident and what an inspiration. She also has been given a gift to write; the delicate and descriptive adjectives cause you to hang on each and every word.
— Jenna
Chapter 8 is one powerful chapter. I do not want to be removed from God’s army out of fear. Is the book suitable for men, too? After reading only 8 chapters, absolutely!!!
— John Clark, Author of God's Healing Hope: Breaking the Strongholds of Wrong Thinking and Writer for The Bottom Line Ministries
This book is for all of us who want to have a better understanding of how our heart and mind can help strengthen us through God by calling out our strengths rather than dwell on worry and what we can’t control. The 30-day devotional is excellent for discovering who we are in our anxious times, and how we can use this anxiousness as energy towards centering ourselves and accepting the gifts we have as positive reminders of the unique traits humans possess. I strongly recommend this book for all who struggle with worry. Thank you Mrs. Arroyo for sharing your journey with us.
— PB